Without ” I ” there is no YOU

    Everyone knows that the child in it’s early childhood does not recognize it’s own image or it’s own voice. It has been that way since the beginning of mankind and it is never going to change. It’s a fact.

    Life is full of everything; there is no space for nothing. If you are not conscious of the logical world, you are in a state of oblivion, unconscious in terms of what you observe and unable to put it into the context of reality. The Garden of Eden is the frame of Oblivion.

    The word “I” cannot represent nothing; it represents everything. When we understand what this word stands for and what it refers to, our state of oblivion transforms and changes to our state of consciousness. The realization of “I” starts to surround us by the shape and form of all things. It brings space and time into the perception of our reality, decorates our perspective with the images of life, and gives everything meaning as we step into our moment, the point of no return.

    “I am the door”; means the word I is the door between the state of oblivion and the state of consciousness.

    So if you would ask me who created the world, the answer would be, I did.

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