In your oblivious childhood environment, which is the age of innocence, everything exists, but you have no idea that is the case. You are about to understand the cause of good and bad. Your own presence is what confirms your self-awareness in the present moment (the middle of the Garden), because you experience everything from your point of view. All kinds of presence, instincts, and motivations, physical and mental, fill your surroundings; the facts of everything eventually becomes your state of mind.

When you come to your senses, departing from the obliviousness of your childhood years, and realize what the word I is referring to, then by its own enlightenment, it opens your mind for you to begin the journey of your life. The spirit of the word I enables your discovery of your perceptions, notions, and reflections, as it makes you consistent with them as the spiritual reality of your Self. From there on, you are present, at all times.

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