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The Fact Is, No One Has Ever Seen A Human Being.

If you look into a mirror, what do you see? If you meet a lion in the forest, what does the lion see? The lion only sees another animal, only food, it cannot see you. It does not know what a human being is. It’s the same with us, we cannot see our self in the mirror, we can only see our image.

The word I represents the image you see in the mirror. ” God ” created man ( you ) in your image means simply that the word made the image in the mirror your image, because you indentify it by ” I ”

And then

One By Our Self

The spirit of the word I dissociates you from the oblivion of your childhood and starts to pave the way for you to come to your senses. And the boundaries between you and the word I and, therefore, the universe, begin to become clear and you feel one with it.

So if you ask who created the world, the answer is, by understanding the word I, did.

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