Stairway To Heaven In Noah’s Ark

    The story of Noah’s ark and the flood epic is one of the oldest nursery legends in the world and it has captivated the imaginations of children and adults alike throughout the ages. From childhood memories one may recollect that God sent the deluge to destroy all the evil people upon the earth. It is known that Noah and his family were saved by departing on a titanic ark with every species of animals and birds on board the floating zoo. The ark began its maiden voyage on the 17th day of the second month when the rain began and it lasted for the proverbial 40 days and 40 nights.

    Noah's Ark by Edward Hicks (1846) (Public Domain)

    Noah’s Ark by Edward Hicks (1846) ( Public Domain )

    Celestial Knowledge Of The Flood Saga

    Some of the more precise details after that may be a little sketchy but the Book of Genesis tells that the waters started to rise on the earth over a period of 150 days. Few will remember hearing of so many days, but they may recall that the tops of the mountains finally disappeared below the waves. Perhaps children rub their sleepy eyes when they listen to how the ark docked on Mount Ararat and miss out on the fact that it was on the 17th day of the seventh month.

    Noah’s ark seemed so real then right up to where the saga ended with a rainbow on the horizon. It was the ultimate image of a colourful finale but never did anyone realize that there was a magical formula of celestial knowledge of the heavens on display in the timing details of the flood saga. Those timing details listed particulars days and specific months together with the length of periods in days. It was very mysterious how the dates and periods were so precise as if they adhered to a deliberately planned timetable.      

    Noah by Lorenzo Monaco (circa 1370 –circa 1425 ) Metropolitan Museum of Art (CC0)

    Noah by Lorenzo Monaco (circa 1370 –circa 1425 ) Metropolitan Museum of Art ( CC0)

    The Riddle Of Noah’s Age

    The first sign that there was some time amiss in the flood story was with an anomaly with the ages of Noah and his son Shem. It stated in the Book of Genesis that Noah was 500 years old when he became the father of triplets, one of whom was Shem. It also outlined that the flood finished on the end of Noah’s 600th year.


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    Michael Hearns has been involved for many years conducting independent research on some of the cryptic puzzles and unsolved mysteries in the Bible. He is the author of several books including The Mystery of the Tabernacle, The Messiah Immortalized in Time, Mary Magdalene – the First Pope, The Copper Scroll Bible and Noah and the Magic Time Formula .

    Top Image: Noah’s ark on the Mount Ararat by Simon de Myle (1570) ( Public Domain )

    By Michael Hearns

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