I Is God: The Journey Begins

    Geir Gigja was born in Iceland, the land of ice and fire, which in ancient times was believed to be the gate to heaven and hell, the beginning and the end. As a young man critically injured and lying in a ten-day coma, Geir Gigja experienced a dramatic spiritual revelation, yielding new insights into the real meaning of the universe. He has spent the decades since then interpreting the metaphor of the Bible, in context with the Icelandic Sagas, then translating it all into English.

    He has spent a lifetime opening the door to a brave new understanding of the creation of us all. “I Is God” provides the keys to unlock the metaphor of the Bible.

    “I Is God – The Journey Begins” is the first of five books that will span this epic undertaking.


    Grady HarpTop Contributor: Children’s Books

    Reviewed in the United States on September 10, 2019

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    Iceland born author Gier Gigja shares his life journey of personal exploration in this sensitive, mesmerizing, thought-provoking book – I IS GOD: THE JOURNEY BEGINS – and in doing so offers a balm of introspection and contemplation that could not be more timely. A fusion of thoughts, philosophy, and spirituality, this Volume 1 of his series offers a cosmic yet personal window into the meaning of creation, and a fresh view of the Bible metaphors as reflected in his own experience. He now works in IT in Canada.

    In his introductory comments, Gier recalls a life accident that resulted in his being hospitalized in a coma for ten days. While in the comatose state he had a vision – a multifaceted myriad of symbols that, for him, included the understanding that ‘the word “You” and the word “I” represented was not the same, even if they both seemed to refer to me. The word “You” referred to me as an observer of everything related to me as a person, and “I” referred to my invisible Self, this strong independent entity, which we cannot avoid and cannot lie to. When I woke up, this enlightening experience did not leave me, ever. From there on I started to research the Bible as I saw it assembled with all the mythical trees, specifically the tree in the Garden of Eden. And I started to understand the symbolism of the stories by analyzing each word and sentence, one by one.’

    The flowing thoughts that emerge from the pages of this exceptional book are at times challenging and require concentration to fully bloom into cognizance. By inviting us to inspect the meaning of words and ideas, and especially the word ‘I,” Gier opens paths of illumination to understand mythological, spiritual, and intuitive enigmas that have shadowed true understanding until now! Phrases such as ‘In a split second, the word I brought your mind and your awareness into being. Your awareness had no sense of time or space, and oblivion concealed the depth of your existence. And the spirit of the word I was imminent in your emotions. The spirit of the word I identified with itself, and it became your Self. And the spirit of the word I saw too that your self was good. The spirit of the word I distinguished you from oblivion, and made you identify with your state of awareness, but made oblivion identify with your state of mind. This is what turned out to be, and what seemed to be, the first stage of awareness.’ Hence, the meaning of creation!

    Throughout this spiritual visit we encounter phrases such as: ‘The present moment never finishes, it’s constant. It is the only eternity there it.’ ‘The spirit of the word I opens your mind, for it is the door between your reality and your Self.’ And gradually Gier enhances and clarifies the Biblical account of Creation and the beginnings as stated in Genesis, and in doing so, introduces us to our I, our Self, and a higher level of being and thinking. A brilliant new voice that at last makes sense! Highly recommended. Grady Harp, September 19



    Reviewed in the United States on October 19, 2019

    I Is God: The Journey Begins is penned by Geir Gigja, who hails from Iceland. When he was 20 years old he spent 10 days in a coma after an accident that left him with his body broken in 30 places. During his coma he had awareness and he claims had visions or in his own words, “an enlightening experience.” After this experience the author, Gigja, decided to learn about and understand the symbolism in the Bible, starting with the Garden of Eden, and the tree.

    I Is God is the first of 5 books trying to unlock the “metaphor of the Bible.” As a child he was fascinated by words and their meanings, and the Bible to some degree has had influence on the Icelandic language, with words and expressions.

    Metaphysics meets theology meets introspection. “As we grow older, time seems to pass faster and faster, just like the universe expands faster and faster.”

    This book has quite the brief chapters, so it’s easier to digest the information he is presenting although it still feels like drinking from a firehose.

    I like how at the start of each chapter he puts a really thought provoking quote from the chapter. It’s usually a deep insight I would imagine he wants the reader to muse over. I found the chapter about Cain and Abel and looking at the moral senses to be quite interesting.

    I recommend this book to spiritual people who are looking for new.. not necessarily interpretations.. but rather a new way of looking at Biblical stories from Genesis and really a new way of looking at yourself. This book is a lot about introspection and self actualization.

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