Arts & Crafts movement: everything you wanted to know

    Suzanne Fagence Cooper answers listener questions on the Victorian Arts and Crafts movement, which re-emphasised the role of the maker in the artistic process

    Published: February 25, 2024 at 7:29 AM

    What was the Arts and Crafts movement? How far was it associated with radical politics? And is it alive and well today? The Victorian cultural movement was transformative in our understanding of the importance of the maker in the artistic process, and Suzanne Fagence Cooper joins us for this ‘Everything you wanted to know’ episode to answer your questions on the subject. Speaking to Elinor Evans, she explores the ideas that underpinned this influential movement and the 19th-century artists that formed it.


    Elinor Evans is digital editor of She commissions and writes history articles for the website, and regularly interviews historians for the award-winning HistoryExtra podcast

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